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At C-Thru Window Cleaning, our passion for what we do shines as brightly as the windows we clean. Whether it's a cosy maisonette or a towering multi-storey building, our commitment is to provide you with the finest service at the most reasonable price. As a family-run business rooted in Hastings, East Sussex, we extend our services to residential and commercial clients in Hastings, Seaford, Hailsham, Eastbourne, and the surrounding areas.


Superior Window Cleaning

Our approach to window cleaning combines the latest Pure Water technology with traditional care. This method not only ensures a superior and longer-lasting clean compared to soap-based methods but is also quicker and safer. Our telescopic brushes can reach up to 60 feet, eliminating the need for ladders or high access equipment. We conduct thorough health and safety assessments for every job, ensuring the correct and safe use of equipment.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About The Reach and Wash System

Yes, it’s very safe. Our operators work from the ground, eliminating the need for ladders or other high-access equipment.

The poles are made from high-quality, lightweight yet strong carbon fibre, allowing easy control even at heights over 40 feet. We work in pairs for added safety and efficiency.

We use a nylon brush head attached to the pole, which jets out a constant supply of pure water. This method cleans both frames and glass effectively, leaving them to dry to a spot-free finish.

Our pure water is free from minerals, pollution, calcium, and chemicals, thanks to a reverse osmosis filtration process. This purity means no residue is left on the windows, resulting in a spot-free finish.

We treat our water on our premises using a 12-hour, 7-stage filtration process. The treated water is then stored in our vans, equipped with 1000 litre tanks, ready for on-site use.

No, the filtration process is environmentally safe, using natural elements like salt, resin beads, and carbon sediment.

No, the pure water we use is less likely to cause damage or staining than rain or atmospheric pollution.

Our water is sourced from the southeast region and is unaffected by restrictions. We transport it to sites in our vehicles, ensuring a consistent supply.

While the system cleans most windows perfectly, older-style aluminium windows might initially show a haze due to oxidation. This improves after 2-3 cleans, with proper rinsing minimizing the effect.

This usually occurs when switching from traditional soap-based cleaning to our system. Residual soap from previous cleans can cause initial hazing or spotting, which improves after a few cleans.

Our Thermopure system uses hot water, which is more effective in cleaning than cold water systems. It helps to remove dirt more efficiently, resulting in outstanding cleaning results.

No, our Reach and Wash system uses soft nylon bristles and top-graded carbon fibre poles, designed to clean without scratching. The constant flow of clean, softened, and heated water ensures a safe and effective cleaning process.